Metcovery II, LLC

Converting Waste into Valuable, Reusable Production

Our Process
Metcovery II, LLC has emerged as an industry leader in the melting, purification and testing of industrial waste materials.

Metcovery II, LLC is a metals processing company. Specializing in the recovery of Copper, Brass, and Bronze from Slags, Dross, DIDION type fines and other associated waste streams. We have in-house capabilities for XRF Analysis and use a certified outside laboratory for Fire Assay requirements.

Our consulting support staff includes multiple industry veterans with several hundred years of combined experience. Our staff has in excess of 150 years of induction melting experience as well as other melting disciplines.

DIDION Rotary Dross / Slag Metal Reclaimer
The brass fines waste stream can be from multiple sources such as furnace skimmings, and /or material recovered when using a rotary dross / slag metal reclaimer such as a DIDION.
Metal Recovery
Here is the equipment used during the metal recovery process. The power supply is a Pillar Mark 8, 3kHz, 100 kW operating a shunted 500 pound hydraulic tilting furnace with fume ring dust collection.
Inside of Furnace
The view inside the furnace shows the process is quite active. The fluxing reduces the slag viscosity and aids in our oxygen stripping process to covert the oxides back to base metal for increased recovery numbers.
When the process is complete, the furnace is completely emptied into one of an assortment of molds. The metal and slag harden allowing us to cleanly remove the slag when cold.
Large Mold
This is one of our larger molds just filled and a dumped ingot and slag nearby. The fluxing allows for a clean slag break from the metal when cooled.
The ingot chemistry is almost identical to the source alloy with a little zinc loss. Typical metal recoveries have varied from 40 to 88%. The cost to recover your metal varies with the metal content.